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tv   BBC World News This Week  WHUT  November 14, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> bbc world news is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. union bank. and by "pirate radio," a new comedy from focus features. >> union bank has put its >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations.
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what can we do for you? >> in 1966, the british government banned rock 'n' roll on the radio until one american deejay and a band of renegades raided the airwaves from above. >> from above. >> let's rock! >> a nice, young man has lost his virginity. >> we're going to shut them down. >> they can't fold us down. we're pirates. >> rock on! >> this fall comes a comedy about the motley crew that saved rock 'n' roll. "pirate radio," rated r. >> and now bbc world news. >> this week's headlines, the american ambassador in kabul
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cautions the white house against sending more troops to afghanistan and 40 million people in paraguay are hit bay massive blackout caused by violent storms and in berlin the 20th anniversary the tearing down of the berlin war. a brutal assessment of russia's economy. they say the country must modernize to survive. and the football players in greece ending -- hello, welcome to this week a review of the major news stories seen here over the past seven days. this week as president obama weighed out the pros and cons in afghanistan he received a big warning against doing so. an elite diplomatic cable ambassador carl iken bree said it would be wrong to send anymore because of the crew coruption in the afghan government. he is a command they are in
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afghanistan so he knows what he's talking about. >> it is his most agonizing decision to date, whether to send thousands more u.s. troops to afghanistan. where over 800 have already died. in his search for an answer, the president's leaving no stone unturned. over the past month he's held eight separate meetings of his war council. meetings that have already lasted 24 hours. slow but a deliberate process behind closed doors. >> private views are coming now public. a memo from america's ambassador to kabul. carl iken barry warns the president not to send more troops without progress by the afghan government in handling corruption, more proof that the president's advisors are split. >> his cabinet is divided. it's taken him a long time to
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come to this decision and tchaurg time the war -- democrats and those on the left. >> it's a complex decision for the president, whose been getting conflicting advice. on the one side are the skeptics, those not yet convinced more troops should be sent as well as ambassador iken barry, they include joe biden and the president's chief of staff robert emanuel. on the other side those led by general mccrystal, the defense secretary robert gates and hillary clinton are also on his side. one issue around which they all unite, president karzai must change. >> i think that the corruption issue really goes to the heart of whether the people of afghanistan feel that the government is on their side, is working for them. >> the president thereo make that decision sooner rather than later. the longer he leaves it, the
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more these differences will play out in public and the harder it will be for them to unite around that long awaited afghan policy. >> now more than 150 people decide in el salvador caused flooding and mudslides. the state of indiana was declared a state of emergency. places went on hurricane watch. >> three days of uninterrupted rain have hit el salvador hard. mudslides, flooding and land collapses have left entire communities off. rescue workers are trying to evacuate families who are still trapped in the most dangerous regions. many have had to rely on the help of their neighbors rather than the authorities. >> we rescue ad man this morning who had fractures and a little girl. my son and i brought water here
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now she is with their parents. this is the first major test for the president. his got to the has declared a state of emergency in several regis of el salvador as the rains show little signs of abading. >> and fallin' bresh on the pacific coast after hurricane ida made land all in neighboring nicaragua. in the gulf of mexico and cancun they are on high alert as the storm continues to head north. in the meantime the people of san vicente are bracing themselves mooar rain. they say important bridges have been washed away by floods. willrant, bbc news. >> the 20 countries pledged economic help.
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they said while conditions had improved economic and financial recovery was uneven. the g-20 said the challenge now was to move out of the crisis to more sustainible and balanced growth. this week barack obama's plans to tresm health care insurance received a boost. the highly contentious change that is provoked fear across the country. president obama said he was confident the senate would also approve his proposal. after weeks of debate the iraqi government pass ad law to allow an election in january one question was how to distribute seats in kirkuk. president obama welcomeed the vote which had been delayed over 10 time. celebration and remembrance in the once-divided city of berlin. a population liveing in repressment and fear and 20
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years ago the first crossing point opened and effect ily parked the end of a communist empire. gathering in pouring rain to mark that moment. the bbc's gavin huet was there. 1,000 dominoes were toppled miles along where the berlin wall used to run. at the exact moment 20 years ago that the wall that divided this city was torn down. 10th leaders of germany, france and russia walked through the rain, through the brandenburggate to join the celebrations and to deliver their verdict on history. on this night 20 years ago, crowds climbed on top of the berlin wall, beliing it was coming down. >> some used hoses but they did not use force against thousands of people who gathered at the crossing points. after 28 years of being he
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would in behind the wall, germans in the east tasted freedom. >> they took in turn to speak about the lessons of 199. this was gordon brown. >> let me thank you, the people of berlin, for sending a message to every continue innocent that no abuse, no crying need endure forever. then there was a surprise video message from the white house. >> let us never forget november 9, 1989 nor the sacrifices that made it possile. let us sustain the friendships and keep the light of freedom burning bright for all who live in the darkness of tyranny and believe in the hope of a/wk brighter day. >> the rush president said he hopes a period of confrontation was over and spoke about our europe, the building of a new world when do -- 20 years ago
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the former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev they brought the first crossing poisht to open between east and west 20 years ago. at the time, angle called the german chancellor was living in communist east germany and besithe her mikhail gorbachev turned to her and said you let this happen. >> sometimes you forget how many people suffered, how you couldn't leave east germany. how many were imprisonned before the good times came, many suffered. >> so berlin ended it's celebrations before a crowd of 100,000. angle america said the lesson of the war was that freedom had to be fought for and defended
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time and time again and that freedom was the most valuable part of germany's political system. gavin huet, bbc news, berlin. >> the u.s. president attended a memorial snfls fort hood in texas where the army psychiatrist hassan allegedly opened fire on his comrades killing 13 people and wounding 29. president obama talked about their lives and the service they gave their country. we have that report. >> soldiers wounded in the shooting made their difficult way down to the ceremony. 38 where are wounded here. 13 people were killed. remembered by their boots, their guns, their helmet and a photograph. the enter reeved made their painful way past, too. then the president's commander in chief in charge of the united states military who americans looked to.
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>> we need not look forth past for greatness, because it is before our very eyes. >> he said it was a trying time, a time of war but not one where the military's victory would be marked by a simple ceremony. >> in a world of threats that know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the security and opportunity that's extended abroad. >> he said it was hard to comp end this twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> nothing justifies these acts no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice in this world and the next. >> the man accused. major ma leak hassan is out of a coma but refusing to comment. >> here at f.b.i. heauarts in washington they are defending themselves against the charge they should have
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raised the alarm before about major hassan, he had been in touch with one who advocates terrorism. but the f.b.i. says the emails between the two men were benine either about the major's psychiatric research or asking for advice or social. >> it's something that should have raised major red flags throughout the intelligence and law enforcement community. >> in fort hood his motives were not clear. the results are. >> sergeant major. staff sergeant -- >> the absent voices made so obvious the loss. bbc news, washington. >> chinese authorities executed nine men convictedf murder and other offenses during july's riots. around 200 people died during the clashes between ethnic and then there's china's dominant
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-- the new lebanese president ha rirri -- the 30-member cabinet includes 10 from the opposition including two and five nominated by the president. the man known as the washington sniper was executed after a last-minute appeal was turned down. john alan mohammed terrorizeed the area around washington, d.c., his lawyers argued he was mentally ill. the egyptian government welcomeed the sentence of life for the man who stabbed a pregnant woman to death. heúíáñ killed her in a german c in front of her son and husband. after a four-hour blackout plungeed many cities including sow paolo and all of neighboring paraguay was left in the dark.
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the vere storm was to blame for the power cut that left millions in the dark. >> now from sao paulo. >> literally millions of people all left without par at the same time. homes, bars and restaurants were plunged into darkness. head to negotiate city streets without traffic lights. nervous pedestrians tried to cope as best they could while for the safety radio stations appealed to drivers to slow down. the state partially or totally affected ranged from the far northeast to the soithrn tip of brazil. the popular city of rio danger narrow home to 6 million people and just won the right to stage the olympics was totally without lights. the whole of the neighboring state of sao paulo was also plunged into darkness around
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21% of the brazilian population. a government minister said a storm might have been to blame. but given the staggering scale of the destruction, the brazilians would want assurance that is this kind of blackout would not happen again. gary duffy, bbc news, sow powello. >> this week aramis' day was market the end of world war i, with much in mind there was also a striking visual reminder of how far it's come. this report from our bbc world affairs correspondent peter biles. >> it's 91 years since the guns fell silent in the great war. and for the first time the leaders of france and germany came to mark this day of commemoration together. under -- in an event full of
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symbolism nicolas sarkozy and angle merkel reenforced their friendship. two days ago the french president was in berlin for the 20th anniversary for the fall of the berlin wall. >> state the end of the first world war and the fall of the berlin wall remind us that we should always fight for the invam valuable good of peace and freedom and we need to defend our democracy of human rights and work for solidarity and partnership with america. >> i would like to say that the germans often cry for that just like the french often did. >> german mothers held the same as pain as french mothers in front of the coffins of their sons fallen on the battlefield. in london a two-minute silence marked the start of an service
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in westminster abby attended by queen elizabeth. for the first time there were no veterans of the first world war and the last three as far as died earlier ts year. but this november 11 has been made more poignant by the casualties of the conflict in afghanistan. at camp bass champion where british forces are based, servicemen and women gathered at 11:00 to pay their respects and remember those friends and colleagues whom they've lost in this modern day theater of war. peter biles, bbc news. >> in his second state of the nation address since becoming russian president he described his country's inability to -- he warn that had more than 1 million people were in danger of losing their jobs. now from moscow. >> dimitri.
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>> 18 months after becoming president, mr. med vedstrode into one of the op lieutenant halls to deliver a break and blunt message. the time is running out for russi to turn itself into a modern nation with a strong, stable economy. >> we should admit that we have not done enough to overcome the primitive structure of russia's economy which are embarrassing relying on gas and heavily rely on the milt here are not used to listening to such criticism of the way they've been running the country. but they know the president is not the real center of power. >> the problem remains, the problem that has haunted his
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presidency for a year 1/2 now. how are the good intention and will indeed will they indeed be implemented? the majority in russia does not regard him as the top decision maker. only 13% believe that he is indeed the toperson in the country. >> most believe the man in the light blue shirt, former president now prime minister vladimir puent remains in control of russia. he and mr. med ved are still portrayed as friends, except for the president's frustrations can simply be ignored. >> while many here don't believe radical reform to russia is coming anytime soon, he is speaking outmore falsely problems facing this country. he has the vision. what he lax is the power to implement it.
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richard, bbc news, moscow. >> he's accused of master minding the september 11 attacks and now he's going to stand trial not far from ground zero. khalid sheikh mohammad and others held in guantanamo bay are to be moved to new york for their trial. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for all five of the accused. the dramatic correspondent, james robin. >> more than eight years after the world-changing attacks of september, 2001, united states will put the man accused of master minding all this on trial. and in new york itself. it will be a civilian trial, including khalid sheikh mohammad. in this photograph he's clean shaven and dishevelled soon after his arrest in pakistan back in 2003. he is transferred in 2006 to america's camp but guantanamo bay in cuba and it was here
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that he face ad pretrial hearing in december last year. in court now wearing a long beard, he seemed as defiant as ever first saying he'd plead guilty for his alleged role in the attacks then postponing he'd want to death penalty a question the judge couldn't or wouldn't answer and dismissed his military defense lawyer adding i don't trust my americans the judge or c.i.a. who he said tortured him. khalid sheikh mohammad has been described as one of the most infamous terrorists, the self proclaimed head of al qaeda's military and claimed responsibility of the 1993 attacks on the world trade center in new york and bali bombing in 2002 as well as the organization and execution of 9/11. president obama spoke briefly in japan ahead of the formal announcement of the trial. >> i'm absolutely convinced that khalid sheikh mohammad
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will be subject to the most exacting demands of jits. the american people insist on it. my administration will insist on it. but the admission of the c.i.a. that he was subjected to water boarding 183 times to extract confession sincere likely to be pressed in his defense, but the attorney general says he has information not yet public which he believes will guarantee conviction. >> i am confident in the ability of our dourts provide the safety a fair trial just as they have for over 200 years. eextraordinary times, so we will maximum punishment. >> some relatives of victims of 9/11 have already seen lead cleat.
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they flew khalid sheikh mohammad. they flew into guantanamo bay for the first hearing now many of them will see him face a full trial in a city where it's alleged the crimes were committed. >> and a blast in the town of you'llian off south of moscow. at least two people were killed but 43 others thoughtñpv missin were found safe and well. authorities have evacuated 3,000 people. it's still not clear what caused the explosion. the german football federation canceled a match against chile as a mark of respect. he committed suicide by throwing himself under a train. his wife said he was suffering from depression. a $250,000 my grant children are to be granteded greek citizenship. the change of policy by greece's new social government is the latest in erat indicating discrimination. the country's football stars also joined the effort to ease
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tensions and malcolm bravens has the story from athens. >> he never coirnted racism in the top flight of english and french football but the abuse he suffered during a game in central greece was so painful he decided to put his celebrity status to work. then a phobia has been on the increase since greece became europe's main entry point for illegal immigrants and they are wanting to decrease racial tension. >> they start rlly young where as little kids, you know, they are really showing it hard between them. so i think it's good to educate them on really low age and to start when they are really young. >> greece's treatment against images and they have begun a
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series of sweeping reforms. for years the children have faced real inquality. they have not been able to obtain citizenship and it's presented them with huge problems but in the past week that has all changed. the prime anyonester has promised a $250,000 children will be given greek passports. >> if we organize the system and -- in a way that all these can be well accepted. we never had this -- >> the government's legislative program is designed. >> realistically speaking, you will not find everyone to like everyone ever but the thing is what we want to erase is this need to hold people down, t oppress people, to show violence against other people.
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and intolerance. >> the organizeers hope greece can cop eye the united states and other countries where hero worship of black athletes and entertainment has been instrumental in breaking down the barriers. in@eps. >> and that's all from this week. join us again at the same time next week owen thomas and the rest of the team. bye. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. union bank. and by "pirate radio," a new comedy from focus features.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> in 1966, the british government banned rock 'n' roll on the radio until one american deejay and a band of renegades raided the airwaves from a boat. >> let's rock! >> a nice, young man has lost his virginity. >> we're going shut them down. >> they can't close down. we're pirates. >> rock on! >> this fall comes a comedy about the motley crew -- >> it is a trick. >> you've got wrong damn boat! >> that saved rock 'n' roll. "pirate radio," rated r. >> bbc world news was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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